Application Scenarios

  • Internet of Vehicles

    Internet of Vehicles (IoV) is an application of IoT within transportation. It includes characteristics of having extremely fast and unstable node changes, direct correlation between personal and property security, and multiple nodes participating in scheduling coordination.

    The underlying physical network of Ramzbazaar combines Service-centric Networking (SCN) and Blockchain technology. This enables superior connectivity and mobility, and can provide decentralized trust as well as fair economic incentives. The combination of these factors can be very well adapted to the Internet of Vehicles sector.

  • Smart Home and City

    Existing smart devices rely heavily on the home gateway through which all instructions are processed and distributed. Once this gateway is compromised, all connected smart devices are affected.

    Ramzbazaar allows all smart devices to securely access the decentralized blockchain network and can break the boundaries of "home", enabling smart devices in different homes to communicate and coordinate directly.

  • Edge Computing

    The advantages of Ramzbazaar in connectivity, mobility and computations can help solve the problem of frequent offline and unstable nodes in edge computing.

    This helps to ensure that all nodes are given suitable service resources and can gain corresponding income streams.

    In addition, Ramzbazaar can verify the authenticity and effectiveness of the node service at a very low cost, thus directly solving problems associated with low computational power nodes and the high cost of security verification in edge computing. This creates a new paradigm shift that enables edge computing services to become safer and more reliable.

  • Sharing Economy

    Ramzbazaar provides a completely decentralized technical system for the sharing economy.

    Exsiting platforms face a myriad of problems due to their use of excessive energy and brings significant risks to both parties involved in the sharing process.

    However Ramzbazaar rectifies these issues can can also guarantee factors such as the authenticity of credit information, the reliable and secure authorization of shared resources, and the speed of fee settlement.

World-class Technical Capability

All members are from top universities and enterprises with strong scientific research support from Top University;

8 features tailored for IoT: mobility, tamper-proof, anti-theft, evolution, low cost, real-time, fair, high TPS;

1st blockchain platform with a uniquely fast and efficient consensus mechanism with a low-load transmission mechanism supporting IoT.

Highly Experienced Team in the Industry

10 Years Experience in the IoT Industry, 8 million+ devices connected in areas of Internet of Vehicles, Industrial internet , Smart Homes, etc.

Internet of Vehicles

5 years of experience in R&D and service with strong technical backgrounds in autonomous driving, active safety systems, and vehicle navigation;

Long-term partnerships with China Automotive Industry Association, SAIC Motor and GAC Group, etc.

Industrial internet

Years of industry technology experience, including SDN, strategy routing, network management, edge computing, machine learning, overlay network coverage etc.;

Participated in multiple national projects research and development;

Provided several enterprises with industrial network solution based on edge network.

Smart Home

30+ self-developed smart home, with 200 million+ units sales per year;

Provided intelligent device accessible platform services for over 50 corporate customers, including business systems, data communications, mobile APP, algorithm modules, cloud storage services, etc.

Ramzbazaar Platform

Faster, More Stable & Secure Network Connectivity

At present, with the rise of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, a large amount of data flows upward from the bottom of the network, especially in some industrial Internet application scenarios such as remote control and security monitor, which have extremely high requirements for network delay and flow cost. Traditional supply chain becomes a bottleneck, which limits the development and application of the network. Therefore, Ramzbazaar chose the Industrial Internet as one of the priority landing scenarios, and developed the Edge Computing Platform based on the Ramzbazaar network, which is now open to developers and industrial Internet companies.

The Ramzbazaar Edge Computing Platform is an edge computing network platform based on Ramzbazaar technology. It is dedicated to creating a "faster, more stable, and more secure" network connection that meets the needs of 5G, AI, and IoT era. The Ramzbazaar Edge Computing Platform deploys computing power in the edge network, providing developers with a multi-language API development environment, and enterprise users with a one-click API intelligent scheduling service. It ensures network security and reliability while significantly improves network performance and dramatically reduces access complexity, network latency, and flow costs.


  • Low Latency

    Massive global edge nodes provided; Match the most efficient nodes according to geographical location and network, environment at any time; Millisecond-level computing responsiveness effectively supported; Reconnect services without interruption in mobile state seamlessly.

  • High Performance

    Upgraded network nodes; No longer simple static resource access; Full-featured computing environment and complex computing logic Supported.

  • Extra Reliable

    Multi-dimensional data and security protection; Secure, stable and reliable data and services; Reduce possibility of service provider’s wrongdoing; Require prepaid deposit and miner verification.

  • Low Cost

    Load balancing before global edge nodes; Reduce system operation and maintenance costs greatly; No need to allocate resources beforehand; Enterprise users will be charged dynamically according to the consumed resources (CPU, memory) to avoid waste caused by long-time low-load operation.

  • Easy Operation

    Support API mode by "one-click" access; No need to pay attention to complex network communication; No complicated program development, operation and maintenance; Help to focus on the service itself; Directly transfer relevant API interface based on the business scenario.

  • High Extensibility

    Multiple programming languages and development environment supported; Plenty open interfaces; Facilitate more extended accesses.

Industry Cases




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